In 2012 I decided to become rich. This is what I’ve learned so far on the road to becoming a millionaire.
Saying “I’m becoming a millionaire” really tweaks people. Some people ( a lot of people ) have some pretty strong opinions about my decision to become rich. “Your priorities are all wrong” “Why do you want all that superficial stuff?” “I thought you were bigger than money.” “You won’t have time for your children.” “You won’t have time for me.” “You’ll change” And then others are more supportive “Good for you!” “Yeah mommy! I always knew you’d be a quadrillionaire.” No wonder it’s taken me 50 years to get enough clarity and strength of character to not be influenced by others thoughts and opinions. It’s interesting to see all the issues people have with money, wealth and abundance. Hmmmm??? Maybe Thats why the rich keep getting richer and the poor… well you know.
In the months ahead I will share with you my journey to becoming rich. I hope you decide to join me.