Now that I am on the road to becoming a millionaire, I see the world with different eyes. Abundance really is everywhere. There are infinite ways on a moment by moment basis to experience wealth and riches. Before I agreed with myself to let go of my fears and face my fortune, I couldn’t see the richness of opportunities literally laying at my feet. I only noticed what I didn’t have. The money that wasn’t in the bank. The clients that weren’t walking through the door. The tank of gas that was empty. The only limits now are the ones I set for myself. I find myself asking “How much money can I make?” “How many people can I help?” “How much fun can I have?” “How big can I love my children, partner, friends, myself?” When I ask “How?” the universe opens up with infinite opportunities and breathes a sigh of relief. “Finally!” says the fortunes, “Sherry is opening the door. Buying the ticket. Asking for what she wants. Perhaps now she will notice what has been in front of her the whole time.” On this journey to becoming a millionaire I realize that with imagination, fortitude, grace and effort all is possible.