Help me find a career, our clients say.  The answer to the beginning of that journey can often be seen more clearly by observing our children.  Today, my beautiful son Elijah is graduating or being “promoted” ( I don’t like that word) from 5th grade. As I watch him prepare for his big event I see his design. In the clothes that he picks, the intention he sets for his day. The way he jokes when I know he’s nervous. He is beautiful. Our children are the keys to peace. What do we teach them about work? What do we teach them about their power to create and effect change? What legacy about work are we handing to them? Work is healing. Work is medicine for life. When we love our work, we heal the world. Teach your children this and let them align with what life has in store for them.  And as implore, “Help me find a career!”, remember to look to the uniqueness of the children to be reminded of the uniqueness within you.