Jobs-Careers elusive or is the search for them depressing? In our Love Your Work, Heal the World campaign, I notice how much push-back there is after the initial moment of delight.  Sherry and I had a conversation in Moraga last week that so honestly reflected the thinking that we harbor about work.  The question was, “Do you really think it’s possible to love your work and thrive for everyone?”  The answer is, if we want to work at a place we love and are willing to look within to discover how to do that, it is possible for anyone.  The secrets are there to be discovered, which include learning to understand your talents and design enough so that you’ll know what’s a match and what isn’t.  Then comes the part most people get nervous about.  When you notice that where you work isn’t good for you anymore, are you willing to do something about it?  That may require you to speak up, or to find a new position in the company, or to leave all together.  If you hold well-being as essential to jobs-careers, you will rule out the some of the jobs you’ve always looked at and begin to focus on the ones that seem delightful and lucrative.  But that security monster raises its head before we can even blink.  While researching Inside Job, our Amazon bestseller, we came upon many studies that support the notion that satisfied people make more money, have more advancement possibilities, and are easier to work with.  Try it out for a week.  Refuse to be in a bad mood, no matter what happens.  Look for new thinking when things get tough, and slow down so you can reflect and let wisdom guide you.  Then let us know how the week was, and what new ideas you’ve now had about Jobs-Careers!