Job opportunities abound, even though many will tell you there are no jobs and this is not the time to search for meaningful work when openings are scarce and the economy is struggling. But these words of warning do not take into consideration the capacity of the human mind and heart. Meaning is everywhere all the time when work is an inside job. “Meaning” resides within you and the way you think, feel and experience life. When you understand that your thoughts create your experience and your body always has the answer, then you begin to hear the wisdom that exists, the answers laying dormant within your soul and the higher intelligence that speaks to you in loving and supportive tones. Significance, purpose and value are always determined by you (and your design), the actions you take and the way that you show up in the world. When you commit to work that has meaning to you, Job opportunities are suddenly everywhere, and vision, hope and beauty will come into all of your endeavors.

Try this thought experiment: Today, get interested in what normally frustrates you. Find something you are genuinely curious about in that very situation. Suspend the usual thinking for just an hour, and notice what new thinking might be available. This is harder than it seems the first time, then gradually becomes a lovely habit. And suddenly, everything in your life has more meaning, and job opportunities that have always been there can be recognized and acted upon.