Coaching is one of the many options to choose in your search for fulfilling work. We go to great lengths to find the answer through tests, education, advice from others, media, parents, trends etc, often with an emphasis on uniformity, conforming, comparing and wealth as the definition of career success. This approach to finding meaningful employment often results in boredom, anxiety, depression, stagnation in our careers and repeatedly brings up our own sense of shame, frustration, and unhealthy familial patterns.

Defining “meaningful work” through this traditional perspective prevents us from contributing to ourselves, our communities and the world in ways that are productive and caring. By allowing our work to be unsatisfying, disjointed, and unfulfilling, we prevent real success, abundance, altruism and healing to enter our world. To what benefit does the “work ethic” serve when it promotes earning money at a loss of our soul’s dreams and purpose? How is our work ethic “ethical” when it teaches us to override that which is instinctive, healing and loving towards ourselves? How does anyone benefit when a “standard of living” does not promote “satisfaction of living?” Food for thought. We recommend that you take small steps at the beginning towards being able to work from how you are designed, from what is deeply satisfying for you, from what the world wants from you. We all know what this is. The issue is we don’t think it will support us. What can you do today that will align you with your design?  would coaching help you discover this????