Career coaching is all the rage lately.  We’ve been seeing more college age adults who are entering the workforce and seeking career coaching. They are frequently scared and feeling limited by their opportunities because parents, professors, and the media keep preparing them for the ‘bad’ economy.
We don’t see things this way, and want to send a message to the people coaching these young adults.  Stop reinforcing the thought that we are in a ‘bad’ economy. We are in a changing economy, one that does not look like the workforce of the previous generation and requires a different mindset. When we hold a negative mindset we cannot find opportunity even if it’s right under our nose.
Encouraging our children as well as ourselves to be flexible, curious and present will provide us sustainable work throughout our lifetime. Learning the 8 Secrets to having an Inside Job career will keep you thriving and fulfilled in any economy or job market.
We invite you to consider career coaching that works from this cutting-edge, inside out approach and lose your anxiety about work.
“Sherry and Julie are a compassionate duo who work harmoniously
together to bridge the gap between the practical world of work as we
see it and the emotional reality of what it feels like to be part of
this world. They provide practical skills and tools to support and
understand each client in a climate of deep compassion. “
C. N., 2013
Career Coaching…It Works!