Coaching is designed to give people a new insight into how to live life more fully, and with more effectiveness and meaning.  I noticed the other day that we are swamped with new and returning clients who are looking to sort out a chronic area of pain, or are eager to start a new relationship, or a new career.  I got to thinking; I wonder why August is often like this?  I’ve always thought August was a time people travel and are not thinking about their lives much at all, other than resting and having fun.  It suddenly occurred to me that in reality, September is actually a time of renewal for many people, and so is almost like a fiscal year of sorts.  Kids are returning to school and many of us are taking a big breath and starting to get serious about work again.  This is the time that many people say, enough!  I’ve had enough of work that is not satisfying, of relationships that are not reciprocal, of suffering.  And they call for coaching.

If I look back at my whole coaching career I’ve noticed this pattern before, yet never understood why it was happening.  Now I can see that we all want that fresh start, that new perspective that will finally have us in the lives that we love.  If we can help you with this new start, please call us.  We have individual coaching available as well as our one-day workshop, Inside Job.  Both are the kind of coaching that will give you that breath of fresh air to begin with your new September fiscal year.