Help me find a career is what we are hearing more and more from clients as the summer races by.  Let me tell you one of our success stories!  For purposes of this story, she is Irene.  Irene registered at the last moment for our Inside Job workshop, having been referred to us by an associate.  She has a successful company, and yet she had lost her passion for it.  She has done a lot of personal development work and was sure this would be a wasted Friday, yet she trusted the people who referred her, so she came. Just after lunch she jumped out of her chair and said she had just had an insight that made the whole day worth 5 times more than she had paid for it.  She completed the day, and has since found renewed alignment with her work, and new strategic partners who are helping her enjoy her work more and more each day.

We are restarting our Inside Job workshops again on Saturday, September 21, in Moraga, and would love to be able to help friends and associates you know to have this sort of shift.  Our vision is to have people do work that heals, and to have them heal through their work.  We have some seats still available and we would love to fill them right away.  We are again offering a sale price on this day ($99), so please forward this to clients and family you know who are struggling to love their work, or to find work.  It would be our pleasure hear THEM say to us,”Help me find a career”!