Job opportunities are often right under our noses.  This is the most recent installment in a series of articles spotlighting people who have flourished by discovering the hidden job market.  From the Contra Costa Times, March 7, 2013:  “When a diner burst into tears in the middle of the French Laundry dining room in Yountville, Thomas Keller and Lena Kwak were utterly charmed.  The gluten-allergic guest had just tasted her first piece of bread in seven years-and it was thanks to Kwak, the restaurant’s research development chef.”

Lena Kwak, a 27-year-old former private chef, has gone on to package her gluten free flours under the brand name, Cup4Cup, and has won awards all over the country due to their quality and taste.  This is a perfect example of someone having a deep passion for something and doing whatever it takes to fill the need that is right under their noses.  If Lena Kwak had only been working for money, this breakthrough in gluten-free flour might never have occurred.  These kinds of jobs are never posted anywhere.  They are invented.  When looking for job opportunities, look for the ones that will inspire you, not just pay you!