Job Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes! In our continuing series of success stories, today we are highlighting a very young man, Oliver, who came to us as part of a wonderful family unit, three of which attended our Inside Job workshop together. Oliver recently left a retail job that was NOT what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and realized after our one-day workshop that it would be a real help to go on to our Career Design retreat in order to develop a deeper understanding of the thing that makes him unique. At 24 or so, he is one of the younger people to have participated in this work, and he took to it like a fish to water! He is an absolute delight, and had a profound insight while in the retreat that allowed him to know exactly what to do next.

The next thing we knew, he was applying to the SF Art Institute, he was accepted, and yesterday I heard he had just completed his first mid-terms! He is challenged in a huge way, yet finally on the path that makes these kinds of challenges worth the effort. His family is thrilled at this new intention and direction. Several of Oliver’s siblings are already in diverse creative occupations, so he has tons of support in seeing that it is very possible to do what you love and make money.

Our next Inside Job workshop is Saturday, September 21, and is filling up. Please register early to hold your seat by clicking on the button below. And please send this on to people who are struggling with their careers. Our Mission is to end suffering at work! Let’s start with your friends and associates, and give them job opportunities that actually make them shine, inside and out.