Perhaps you’ve noticed that certain things in your life don’t fit anymore. Your pants, job, career choices, partner, routine, and car, are all feeling a little snug, more exhausting, and less fulfilling. This constriction may feel like a crisis because of your responsibilities, kids, health, mortgage, and financial responsibilities. The urge may to be run and/or splurge until you feel better but in reality nothing is wrong.  You are experiencing a natural winter in the cycle of life.
We have been raised to believe that life is linear and is comprised of a series of events that fall like dominos in perfect rhythm. The story we are told goes like this… We are born, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, work some more, retire and die. If we fall off of that
preordained line of life either because we get sick, skip kids, get divorced, avoid college, never retire, then we spend most of our time trying to desperately get back on the assembly line of life. Only there’s one problem with this belief system… It’s false. There is no line. Not anywhere. Not in life, not in nature. There are no straight lines in the universe.
If you are experiencing the signs of a natural transition then all you really need to do is embrace what is coming and get really, really curious about what is next for you. Career Counseling with the Career Wisdom Institute can help you clarify your next move, open up new job options, and help bring deeper meaning and purpose back into your work and life overall.
There is no crisis unless you resist that which needs to happen naturally. What you need is a fresh look, new thinking, and guides to help you along the way.  Please join us for the next Inside Job seminar on March 22nd, here in Moraga CA, or on April 4, in Petaluma.  A fresh start is just a thought away!