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Career Wisdom Institute, Inc. Founders

CWI was founded in 2009 by Julie Gleeson and Sherry Platt (Berman) when it became clear that how people approached work was making their life difficult and unmanageable. Together, Julie and Sherry created the Inside-Out approach to thriving at work. Their combined wisdom and expertise in the fields of stress elimination and career counseling created an approach to career clarity that unveiled the hidden job market, enhanced career resiliency and proved that work can be both deeply satisfying and financially rewarding. Their collaboration formed the Career Wisdom Institute in 2012.

Since then, Julie and Sherry have taught hundreds of people through key note presentations, workshops, seminars, television and radio that loving your work is not only possible but vital to the well being of the world.

In 2012 they published the best selling book “Inside Job, 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving.”

In December 2014 Sherry was hired to create and develop the first business graduate career center at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga CA.  Seeing this as an opportunity to bring Career Wisdom to the next generation of business professionals, managers and leaders, Sherry accepted the position. Sherry still maintains a private practice in Walnut Creek CA and can be reached at 925 212-7805. Her email is

Julie Gleeson continues the work of Career Wisdom Institute as CEO.


Julie Gleeson portraitJULIE GLEESON – 925.408.8422
Julie Gleeson brings over 20 years of experience as a consultant in the fields of stress elimination, couples mentoring and collaborative team building to the Career Wisdom Institute. Her work guiding people to find their natural source of wisdom has helped clients find peace of mind, become more effective in their work and their lives and achieve satisfaction regardless of individual circumstances.

Julie’s unique design is helping people understand that life is meant to be enjoyed and that each person already has exactly what he or she needs to feel fulfilled; as part of that design, she cannot help but hear the unique designs of her clients. She loves empowering people to see that there is nothing wrong with them, their partners, family members, coworkers or their lives.

Julie’s work is Principle-Based; that is, she teaches the principles that are central to the human experience. These human principles operate regardless of our understanding of them and help us deepen our power, resilience and effectiveness.  She loves to remind people that you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

In addition to her private consulting practice, over the years Julie has worked inside corporations, owned retail stores (she was 18 when she bought her first store) and has done project management for workshops and programs. She is a past winner of the Peacemaker Award and volunteers her time in many eclectic areas including as a former Court Appointed Special Advocate, (supporting abused and neglected children) and as editor of the Norfolk Terrier National Magazine and email newsletter, all while actively raising and showing Norfolk Terriers.

Sherry Berman portraitSHERRY PLATT (BERMAN) – 925.212.7805
Sherry Platt Berman possesses 360-degrees of experience in the field of vocation identity, having worked as a hiring manager, recruiter and career counselor over the last two decades. As a consultant for nonprofit organizations, high tech corporations, university career centers and programs that serve the homeless, recovering drug addicts and alcoholics as well as reformed convicts, Sherry has helped hundreds of people find work regardless of their original circumstances.

Sherry draws from a variety of therapeutic foundations including Buddhism, Western Psychology, Kabbalism and Shamanic Traditions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Florida and a Master’s in Counseling with a specialization in Life Transitions from the University of San Francisco.

She believes that it is no accident that the word “career” is primarily comprised of the word CARE. By co-founding the Career Wisdom Institute, Sherry helps people be happier and more satisfied in the workplace, which ultimately makes a real difference in the happiness and well being of this world.