Career Wisdom Institute Services for Employers

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Bringing Hiring Wisdom to the business owner

The single most important factor to successfully growing your business is hiring and retaining great employees. Finding the best and brightest staff however, is a consuming effort that requires expertise, time and money.

  • It takes the average employer anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to hire a new person.
  • As an employer, you often spend close to 40 hours looking for one candidate to fill a job, taking up valuable time that could be spent running your business.
  • Hiring a new employee can cost between 1.7 and 2.7 times your new employee’s total salary and…
  • Eighty percent of turnover comes from ‘hiring mistakes‘.

Let our Hiring Concierge services do the work that stops you from doing your work.

As a Hiring Concierge our purpose is to make the hiring process a simple, affordable, and manageable experience. We do this by providing two services:

Hire Wisdom Strategy Sessions – Many business owners want to run their own hiring campaign but do not know how. Our Hiring Concierge meets with you and your staff to review and create a smooth and efficient hiring strategy. We’ll train your staff how to do everything mentioned on our a la carte menu below and we’ll remain available to you throughout the hiring process to answer any questions that may arise.

A La Carte Recruiting Services – Our Hiring Concierge attends to the details of hiring your staff… based on your needs. We offer all the services of a personnel agency but on an a la carte basis providing employers with more choices and lower prices to hire new employees. Pick and choose the services you need.

Hiring Concierge Menu of Services:

Job Description-
To attract the right candidate your job description needs to accurately convey your wants, needs and culture fit. We will help you write a job description and posting that will align with your company brand and capture the attention of your future star employee.

Posting the Job Description– Posting your job openings can be a time consuming and expensive effort. Let us help you find the best sources for applicant attraction. Many are free and not all the big name internet boards are effective.

Salary Surveys– We help you offer competitive salaries to attract the best candidate.

Resume Screening – See that overwhelmingly pile of resumes sitting on your desk or backed up in your email “in” box? The longer it takes for you to respond to the resumes the more likely you’ll lose your best candidates for the job. Because of our expertise and skills we can review those resumes in half the time it will take you and hand you the most qualified candidates for your next step.

Interviewing Step One – The Phone Screen: A Hiring Concierge will conduct phone screenings asking key questions that will weed out the unqualified and bring in the best and the brightest for your next step.

Interviewing Step Two – Face to Face Interviews: The interview is the most critical part of the hiring process and requires preparation.After interviewing you, your staff and deeply understanding the culture and personality fit of your work environment, our hiring concierge will craft questions, both Traditional and Behavioral that will help us screen for the best possible candidates for your position.

Placement Services – The Career Wisdom Institute works with hundreds of candidates looking for meaningful work. Our candidates have been working with CWI to refine their career goals and professional experiences. Graduates of CWI are ready, healthy, positive and focused. They know what they want to do and who they want to work for. Graduates of CWI are in high demand and may be perfect for the opportunity you are offering.

Contact our Hiring Concierge expert Sherry Platt Berman today, to find out how we can best help you grow your business to the next level, with the right personnel.

In a changing economic environment, as an employer, you may have to make difficult decisions about keeping or letting go of members of your staff. The Career Wisdom Institute can ease the transition by helping your former employees develop a new plan or career path. By offering your outgoing team members Career Wisdom workshops or individual career planning sessions, you can empower them to take the next steps in their lives. Career Wisdom Institute services are affordable and adaptable to your company’s needs.

Contact the Career Wisdom Institute today to discuss how we can make staff transition a more gentle process.

With Career Wisdom Institute training for your staff, you can create:

  • A happy, healthy and productive workplace where employees operate at a level of ability, service and compassion they did not know they were capable of
  • Business meetings so enjoyable and productive that people leave more energized than when they arrived
  • Energy so often diverted by interpersonal and individual stress being put, instead, into the work itself
  • Morale at such a high level that staff and managers go home in a state of mind that actually increases the well-being of the people in their lives


CWI will create a customized Wisdom and Design training to improve job satisfaction and productivity in your work environment. Contact us for details.