Inside Job: 8 Secrets To Loving Your Work and Thriving

Inside Job: 8 Secrets To Loving Your Work and Thriving 2017-11-27T10:23:47+00:00

Career Wisdom (n): the ability to bring one’s work, passion and innate capacity for health into alignment in the service of something greater, causing profound satisfaction and peace of mind as well as unexpected success and accomplishment.

If you lost your job today, would you know how to transition into a better job tomorrow? If you are feeling “stuck” at a job you dislike, do you know what to do to get “unstuck?” Are you so stressed out about your job search that you can’t find the focus to begin? Do you want to know how to break the “glass ceiling” and become more abundant and profitable?

Satisfaction in your career and your life is innate and it’s time to master it.

Register for Inside Job: 8 Secrets To Loving Your Work and Thriving and discover your Innate Wisdom, break free of perceived limitations, release stress and improve focus, painlessly prioritize your life and learn how to be happy and financially successful in the face of any economy or personal circumstance.

Benefits of attending the Workshop include:

  • Discovering that you are designed for a specific purpose
  • Reducing the time of unemployment or searching
  • Transitioning back-to-work with clarity and purpose
  • Letting your passion, heart and spirit show you how to navigate today’s job market
  • A lifetime of resilient, flexible, supportive employment
  • Experiencing deeper satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Improving your health, well being and relationships on an on-going basis

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, February 2, 2018, Moraga


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