Initial Workshop Successes 2017-08-22T15:16:33+00:00

Initial Workshop Successes

“Thank you both for the wonderful learning experience I had over the past weekend. It was so liberating.  I think the word “freedom” was what I heard you refer to in the workshop. After so many years of going through the cycle of trying to figure out what my “design” is and how I can apply that to work I can be passionate about, this insight was like finding a gem in the ocean.

Every few years when I’ve gone through this soul searching process and end up in the same job that I ultimately dread, it has been so disappointing. This time, it’s different.  I’ve consciously made the choice to create a new path.  I am privileged to have your guidance and support. I am very excited about the possibilities!”

As a side note, you were SO right when you said that the information would weigh heavily for the rest of the evening (and rest of the weekend)… Personally, I experienced a beautiful sort of rebirth, my mind has been restful and working in wonderful creative ways, all at the same time.
Thanks again, you Ladies are awesome!