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Major Career Transitions

“Sherry is a miracle worker. What is amazing is that I never wonder if I deserve a rich, happy life anymore. I know I do.

Working with Sherry has changed the trajectory of my life. I met her at just the right time, when I was at a crossroads, about to get further entrenched in a field that didn’t bring me joy. Everything in me was resisting the last step of getting licensed as a Psychologist.

The Career Wisdom process helped me unearth my dream of advocating for African Fair Trade and I am now doing soulful work that also brings me joy. The Universe knew I needed a course correction and her name was Sherry!”
—H.B., Fair Trade Advocate

“When people say, ‘It changed my life!’ it’s easy to think that whatever the miracle was they were talking about would not apply to you, so I have always been a skeptic whenever I see that angle used in endorsements.

But in this case, I, in fact, did have my life changed. I met Julie and Sherry at a time when I was emotionally devastated by a work and lifestyle change: I was laid off and forced to face a major relationship transition in my life, as I entered my 50s. The Career Wisdom Institute helped me extract from myself the answers I already had, but was not aware of, to my own questions about my purpose in life and my destiny.
In the past, I had held jobs as an administrative assistant, an animal control officer and a horse trainer. But my real dream was to do animal sanctuary work.

By putting myself totally in the process and in Sherry and Julie’s hands, within several months of my layoff I had multiple opportunities on the table at once and with the one I chose, which specifically is my path, I was basically given the position without a real interview. I then received three pay increases in the first six weeks. I don’t know where I would be now, truly, if it weren’t for Sherry, Julie and the Career Wisdom Institute.”
—Michele, Animal Care Activist

“How or where do I begin to explain the profound impact that Career Wisdom has had on my life?!?

Before Career Wisdom, I wasn’t living but instead succumbing to the monotony of the rhythm of work in a profession I thought meant financial security. As a Police Officer, I wasn’t making an impact or connection with humanity and striving to bring out the best in people I once thought I could do.

The revelation was that I had made every decision up to this point guided by the internal voice of my parents.

Now, as I transition into Fashion Design, I can leave a footprint that is uniquely mine. To finally have the opportunity to connect with my true essence and regain my spirit that I had left behind, reminded me how to live.

These past five months have been life altering. And, some days it is still a struggle. Thank you, Sherry and Julie, for laying down the foundation and guiding me through this process. I will never turn back.”
—Lorenzo, Fashion Design Student

“Experiencing the Career Wisdom workshop and being fully present throughout helped me manifest my current job, which I truly love!

Through exercises of self-exploration I was able to understand what it is I truly want to do with my life, what I am really good at and what was stopping me from getting there!
I could then focus on all the little details of my dream job—which I had never done before. I was able to create what I really wanted. The workshop allowed me to take the time to really hone in on myself, my wants, my talents and my dreams.

I aligned with my heart’s desires and it worked—I got what I asked for. The most fascinating part of the workshop was finding my design and understanding how it has always played out in my life. The experience changed me forever and has even given me the tools to help others find their true calling. Thank you Career Wisdom Institute!!!!”
—Mirit, Psychic Healer and Store Manager