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Career Design (n): the thing you do easily and innately, that you cannot help but do; the map of your life as it is happening, which includes clear road signs that help you make choices along the way; the resilient path you have always been on; work that moves and touches you deeply.

Career-Wise (adj): acting in harmony with one’s Design; strategic pursuit of one’s desired professional opportunities; of or pertaining to the ability to proceed with the least amount of effort while yielding maximum rewards and satisfaction.

Are you ready to discover—and do—the work you were designed to do in this lifetime?

The 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving laid the foundation for profound career satisfaction. Career Design and Design @ Work clarifies your unique Career Design and helps you acquire your Career-Wise Job.  Once you understand balance and resilience…it’s time to discover your Design.

Join us as we help you reveal the unique Career Design that allows you to discover the career clarity, job satisfaction and employment resilience you’ve always sought. When you understand the unique work you’ve been designed to do, satisfaction is always available.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting

 e.e. cummings, (1955)

With Career Design you’ll finally know:

 what you are going to do with your life?

 …how to choose the right partners, businesses and industries to work with,

 …how to possess reliable self-confidence that employers and clients seek and hire.

In Design @ Work you will: Identify and deepen your understanding of your unique Design, harness your transferable skills, create your Career-Wise Resume, access the hidden job market, and prepare for and practice interviewing and salary negotiation.

Sessions take place first in Career Design, a three-day retreat, then in Design @ work, once-a-week for a half-day over nine weeks.

Pre-requisite: Inside Job:The 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving.

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