When working with people in preparing them for interviews, many candidates say they have a hard time “bragging” about their skills. They fear being “showy” or too effusive when describing their accomplishments. Do you feel that way? When someone compliments you on job well done do you want to be shy and coy and say “Ahh shucks, it was nothing.” How are you with receiving payment for your work? Your art? Your music? Your care? If you hesitate to receive payment or appreciation, then what you do not yet understand is that what you share with others is not yours to keep. It is what flows through you. When you receive a compliment or a thank you, it is the gift that is being thanked. You are the vessel. This is humbling. That each of us carries a special design that others need is a blessing that we are not in control of. You embody the gift. You transform the gift. You deliver the gift to the receiver much like an importer imports goods from a country far away. It is your “job” to bring the gift into the world in its various forms, shapes and sizes. As you change it is likely the presentation of the gift will also change.
Next time someone says “Thank you this was great, you are great.” You can think to yourself, “Yes, isn’t it? Aren’t I? What a gift! A miracle I can do this. I am so blessed to be able to share it with others.”

And when you receive the compensation that matches the gift, you allow the gift to continue to come forward over and over again. Another blessing. Money is nothing more than appreciation for the energy and the gift that comes into this world. It is through receptivity that the cycle is able to continue.