Inside Job: Ending Suffering at Work

Inside Job: Ending Suffering at Work

Just wanted you to know the first client has registered for Petaluma’s Inside Job. She came from our marketing up there and is quite excited.

I’ve copied our new marketing message below. Sherry and I led Inside Job yesterday and were once again stunned at its power, inspiration and healing. This is something for anyone who is struggling, be it at work, or with a relationship, or someone needing to find work. The secret to a peaceful life is knowing about the Inside nature of it all. This one day completely shifts perspective from outside in to inside out. And that makes all the difference to having a life of meaning, purpose, effectiveness and accomplishment.

New Career, New Work, New Life
Career Wisdom Institute has the answers to life’s biggest questions:
What is the work I am born to do?
Where do I find this work?
How do I end overwhelm and discover creativity, freedom?
How do I make money, doing the work I love?

Over the past 7 years Career Wisdom Institute co-founders Julie Gleeson and Sherry Platt Berman MA, experts in the fields of human resilience and career development have pioneered work designed to end suffering at work. Our powerful 9 step process reinvents career exploration and work-life balance. This cutting edge approach breaks down the barriers to your success, and has introduced hundreds of people to work and lives that are both meaningful and lucrative.

Join us for our one day program and begin the journey to your new life. Dates: April 4, 2014 in Petaluma, 9:30 – 4:30

Discover the unique work you are meant to do
Discover how to have your passion, heart and spirit find you lucrative work in today’s market
Get lucrative and meaningful work regardless of education
Look within you own innate wisdom and a capacities to create you ideal career
Let go of limiting thoughts like fear and self doubt to discover your resiliency that enable you to live your dream job.
Passion and interest in your work;
A calm and focused approach to career transitions;
True success, wealth and abundance.
A new paradigm for loving your work.
A lifetime of sustainable, resilient employment.
Increased earnings and Financial well being.
Deeper satisfaction and fulfillment.
Freedom to make choices about how you spend your time and money.
Greater health and well being. Improved relationships.More creativity.

Learn more about our Career Workshop in Moraga


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