Ending Overwhelm is an Inside Job

Ending Overwhelm is an Inside Job

So many of our clients and friends spend hours and hours trying to control their lists, jobs and lives, thinking that will finally have the overwhelm and stress abate. The problem is, the more they try to control things, the worse they feel. Some stress is good for us. The level of overwhelm and stress most of us typically feel is not only NOT good for us, it is costing us big time.

New research says that hair loss, nausea and muscle tension are all signs of chronic stress. So are relationship issues and work dissatisfaction. One of the biggest trends in 2014 is a movement towards mindfulness to combat this constant state of alertness. But what does that actually mean, and how does it work?

Mindfulness means to be aware of what you are doing, and how you feel. As we once again notice our physical sensations, the innate health system built in to our physical AND psychological systems begins to kick in and heal us. The trick is the awareness piece.

At Career Wisdom Institute we realized at the formation of our company that stressed people would never be satisfied or fulfilled in their work. People longing for meaning and purpose are often in need of a journey within. We start every client interaction and every plan of engagement with Inside Job, our one-day initial workshop, in order to begin this process of awareness. Whether you are deeply satisfied with your work and stressed at home, or overwhelmed everywhere and looking for more meaning and purpose, Inside Job teaches you how to harness the healing power within and move towards more resilience, regardless of the circumstances.

We will be teaching Inside Job twice in the next several weeks, once in Moraga on Saturday, March 22, and once in Petaluma on Friday, April 4. We would love to have you join us. Tuition is $175 per person, discounts if you bring a group of your overwhelmed friends! Take a day for yourself. You’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation! More information at https://careerwisdominstitute.com/courses-and-services/upcoming-events/


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