“Find Me a Career, immediately”.  When I hear those words I know intuitively that someone is pushing, and not respecting the need for rest and reflection.  Once again my beloved husband has found a scientific study to prove the work we are doing about the need to rest and reflect! The link below, from Eurekalert, is a short article on the importance of practicing our ability to look inward. Only by looking inward can we begin to discover the impact things have on the larger picture, and how to find satisfaction. Remember, life moves in cycles, not straight lines, and the rest and reflection or winter portion of the cycle is the one we end to want to avoid. Try adding a practice for your family of daily reflection (maybe that is what prayer is for????) and see if you don’t enjoy life more! This is especially important for children, by the way. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-07/afps-rin070212.php.  Make sure that when you say, please, Help me find a career, that you are ready!