Coaching tip:  It Takes Persistence and Reflection to Move Forward on Anything! It’s Thursday, and I am spending the day learning a new software program.  I’m not a techie by design, but want to be sure I can edit our newsletter and have our blog entries go out over email.  Here’s what I notice.  It takes room in time to learn something new.  Distractions must be kept to a minimum, and there needs to be a chunk of time with no deadlines looming to really swing out and learn.  Do we set things up this way usually?  Not really.  We attempt to learn on the fly and get frustrated.  We assume that we should be able to just pick this up.  It’s easy for them, why not for me?  And so it goes until our mood drops and we give up.

All transistions have a steep learning curve.  Our job is to set up our parameters for learning so that our mood stays curious and upbeat, and we take breaks to support our bodies.  And breathe!  Try this and let us know how it goes.   Transitions will be much easier if you break them down into tiny things to learn, and do them one at a time!  That’s your coaching tip of the week!