Coaching often finds us with clients that come to us heavily identified with their current or former job title. A job, by its very nature, has limitations and can never be permanent. It is formed and exists outside of you. It is given to you by someone else. It has a beginning, middle and an end.

Work, comes from the inside of you. Work is your energy expressed in the physical, psychic, emotional and collaborative world. It is how you show up and how you express your calling and intention.

When your work is fully expressed without limitations or boundaries there is no beginning and no end; it is divinely connected and therefore, divinely expressed. It is connected to all knowledge and all wisdom; it does not tire, it is flow and it is transformative. It feels natural, great, meaningful, and powerful.

When you are doing your work you know you are fulfilling your design/purpose
When you are doing your work, you have meaning
When you are doing your work, you feel well used, not used up
When you are doing your work, you have abundance financially and emotionally.
When you are doing your work, you finally discover work/life harmony.
When you are doing your work, there are no limitations to success and no set points.

You work because you can’t help it and you do it better, brighter than anyone else possibly can. You are vibrant, attractive, and in demand.

We’d like to invite you to take the plunge this year and start the coaching journey to finding meaning at work. Dr. King is a perfect example of someone who went out and lived his design. We just led the Inside Job workshop last Friday, and it was profound, and moving and freeing. People reported feeling like they finally have permission to be where they are, and they know their next steps to finding meaning at work.

Remember, Friends don’t let friends suffer at work! And Coaching can give you back the sense of engagement at work you’ve been dreaming of.