A Peace of Work

A Peace of Work

(A piece of work: Someone who — although often interesting — is difficult to get along with on an everyday basis. They often make simple things overly complex, or argue points ad infinitum.)

We’re all too busy. We rush from one thing to the next, hoping we’ll have a chance at the end of the day to have some peace, and some rest. We relish our free time, resent or get through our work, yet many of us don’t ever experience true peace of mind. Why is that?

At the Career Wisdom Institute, we think that is because people are misaligned. And what we are misaligned with is that we think there is something wrong with us, or with them.

Career Wisdom Institute teaches people to recognize what is innately unique and healthy about each and every person. That uniqueness, understood, gives the ability to find work that is deeply satisfying, sorts out relationships, and helps us feel like we are contributing the very thing we always wanted to contribute, and thus, we feel confident.

I gave a short talk last week to a group of entrepreneurs. What I was after was to have them begin to experience that there is nothing wrong with them. They aren’t too old, too uneducated, overeducated, too fat, too inexperienced. They aren’t too anything. Yet this group of smart, capable people spends an inordinate amount of time trying to ‘fix’ something they think is wrong. And that will never bring them peace of mind.

You could have heard a pin drop as each one of them considered what life would be like if they literally could not think there was anything wrong with them. And many reported afterwards that they felt refreshed, more peaceful and more hopeful, just by hearing that 10 minute talk.

Is that all it takes, a few minutes with someone calm and peaceful, reminding them of their innate health? In my experience, yes.

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