Help Me Find a Career: It Is possible to Bring Meaning Into Your Work

Help Me Find a Career: It Is possible to Bring Meaning Into Your Work

Julie And Sherry 2012Help me find a career that means something to me, please! Have you sacrificed meaning in your career so that you can live in a good neighborhood, send your kids to the right college, stay at home to raise your children, and have health care?

What if you could have it all, meaningful work and a high quality life?  With Inside Job you can have an amazing career doing what you love while being completely satisfied in enthusiasm, purpose and income! 

Everything you’ve been told about bringing  meaning to your work is backward. Passion, Heart and Spirit do have cash value in today’s unstable job market.

Our Inside Job one-day workshop will be brimming with anticipation and discovery as Julie and Sherry share the 8 Secrets of deeply satisfying work.


If you want to have passion and meaning in your work, take and Inside Out approach.

If you want to go from undervalued and unseen to feeling valued and appreciated learn the Inside Out model.

If you want to go from feeling worthless at work to secure, clear your schedule so we can help you find a career.

If you want to feel well used instead of used up, give up trying to fit into a box and create your own box instead.

Fully satisfied, successful people have started by asking, “Help me find a career!”, then learned and followed the 8 secrets of meaningful work. The Inside Job workshop teaches those 8 secrets, what they are and how to use them in your life.


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