Job Searching: The Power of a Dream

Job Searching: The Power of a Dream

Job searching is all about the power of a dream or vision. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream created a peaceful revolution that brought freedom to millions.

What is your dream? Are you pursuing it? What stops you?

It can feel scary to be job searching and reach for something that feels unattainable, to challenge traditional beliefs about what is right, to be an individual and go against “the norm.” And yet, it is our mission in life to be fully and completely different from each other so that we can each be leaders and have impact in our own unique way.

Thank you Dr. King, for having a dream and pursuing it despite the obstacles, the hate, the traditions of a culture, and the danger you faced. Thank you for understanding the need for personal freedom and doing your work in this lifetime.

Today as we remember Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he stands for, may we look into our own hearts and ask ourselves, ” What do we stand for? How are we fulfilling and not fulfilling our work in this lifetime? Are we living from freedom or as slaves to our fears? What steps are we willing to take in job searching, to create real change in our lives and the lives of others?”

What is the work you have been uniquely designed to do so that you can heal yourself and the world?

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

So… What is your dream? What steps are you willing and ready to take? Please share your job searching stories here.

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