Jobs-Careers: Why Career Exploration in Mid-Life?

Jobs-Careers: Why Career Exploration in Mid-Life?

Jobs-Careers?  When I think of jobs-careers I remember this moment.  I was asked a great question last night while speaking to a potential participant for our 9 week Design @ Work program. Why should he, a 41 year old man with a lifetime of experience, invest his time, money and energy in career exploration? “Isn’t that process for college graduates?”

Midlife can be an ideal time to explore career opportunities. For many young men and women, career exploration wasn’t an option in their 20‘s. Cultural expectations at that early age were often focused on making money and creating families. At 17 you were supposed to know the work you were going to do for the rest of your life. Jobs-careers were something you were supposed to know about from an early age.

Well, life no longer declines or ends in our 40‘s.  It’s very likely that we will be working longer than ever before because we are living longer. The question of how to spend the next 40 years of your life becomes very important.  And  what a great time to explore! Our brains are fully formed, we have a lifetime of  experience and skills, we are more focused in our jobs-careers,  goals and desires, and we are more capable of making healthy decisions for ourselves.

Where to explore? How to investigate? What steps to take? These are the questions we answer for those of us who are Career Curious.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to investigate jobs-careers that have people using their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment where new ideas are encouraged and supported. Tools and techniques about the creation of employment, the development of new businesses and the finding of jobs in a hidden job market, are some of the many things that are provided. In addition, we are creating a community, filled with graduates, employers and resources that work together to support you in your journey.

Career exploration and purposeful life pursuits are lifelong practices that can begin today with our help.

Contact Julie Gleeson or Sherry Platt Berman to discuss how you can find your purpose and reach a new level of personal and professional fulfillment in the second half of your life.

We are dedicated to proving that Passion, Heart and Spirit do have cash value, and that jobs-careers and work itself are designed to be healing to others as they heal you.


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