Job Searching

Job Searching

Job Searching? Nope, Job Finding! Sherry and I are in the midst of leading our first Design@Work 9 week program and are knocked out by the results people are getting. So far, one person has become an entrepreneur, and has 3 clients already, giving him so much work he barely has enough time to complete the work for the program! Another finally left a position she has suffered with for years and is aiming herself at a new, much more creative endeavor, and a third is zeroing in on her passion of working with children. The fourth is finally realizing that she has everything she needs to teach people to play at work and become much more effective.

The benefits of Design@Work are:

Renewed confidence
A community of people within which to grow and learn
A cutting edge approach to finding work and clients
Access to the hidden job market
Access to the Career Wisdom Advantage and network
Access to Julie and Sherry during the program for private consultation.

We have scheduled another Design@Work to begin May 28, 9:30 – 12:30. It will be held weekly through July 23, 2013. We already have 3 people registered, and realized we would love to invite graduates of our Master Series or Career Wisdom Two to join us for this wonderful program. Tuition for first time participants is $1595. We are offering a special tuition of $499 for the first 5 people who register as alumni!

Of course, if you’ve completed Career Design and want to join us for the workshop as well, you are welcome to do that! Let us know right away so we can hold you a spot.

Thanks for everything you do, and please let us know how we can help you with you job searching.


Julie and Sherry

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