Job opportunities

Job opportunities

Job opportunities are ripe for the picking in small business.  As of September 2010, a report from the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy claimed 60 to 80 percent of all new jobs are generated by employers with 1-500 employees.

Small business owners are more likely to offer flexible schedules, less bureaucracy, more out-of-the box exciting opportunities and greater control over your career growth and development. So, if you’ve been looking for work with “stable”, “large” corporate companies without any success, try turning your attention to companies on the rise.

You can learn about job opportunities with these up and coming businesses by reading the San Francisco Business Times, trade magazines, attending local Chambers of Commerce events and visiting small business networking groups. Then, once you find the companies that look fascinating to you, reach out to them with your powerful elevator pitch, even if they don’t have jobs posted on their website. CEOs of startups are more likely to appreciate a professional call from you asking if their company could use your skills to grow their business. Remember, only 15-20% of all job opportunities are ever advertised publicly and you’d be surprised how many intelligent business owner will invent jobs for the right candidate.

It’s a different job search when you switch your focus from the big box corporate world to the entrepreneur creative ventures but the truth of this economy is that small businesses are the future with increasingly greater job opportunities to be found.

The Career Wisdom Institute, Inc. teaches our clients active, effective job finding techniques that help you discover a world of fulfilling, satisfying and lucrative job opportunities. Visit our website at to attend our next Inside Job program to begin your job finding process. When you know where to look, there are job opportunities everywhere.

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