Job Opportunities: Another success story

Job Opportunities: Another success story

Job opportunities often seem hard to find, and uninteresting. One of our clients, let’s call him Bart, was working at a lucrative tech company and was making the salary he wanted to make. The issue was, he was overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy at work. He hated the working environment, the pressure, and the speed at which he was supposed to work, so he began to look around for other job opportunities. He came to us at the recommendation of a former client of ours, and immediately loved our Inside-Out approach to finding work.

As he worked through our workshops, he uncovered his deep passion for clothing design, fabrics, colors and fine tailoring. Turns out he has loved costumes and clothing since he was a small child, remembering that he often would not take off his superhero outfit even to go to bed. He soon (and suddenly) left his job, and planned a trip to Vietnam to study with some of the best tailors in the world. With the guidance of what he learned from our model, he was able to know where to start, what to study, who to study with, and how to make his finances work so he could accomplish all of that. The description of his trip, along with the stunning clothing he brought to show us several months later are some of the most memorable images we have of our clients.

He learned in a very short time that suffering at work was not worth the money he was being paid. And he learned he did not have to trade passion for a good living. As he ramps up his new career, he is living proof that the perfect job opportunity is right there under our nose if we will give up our thought that work has to cause us to suffer.

If you would like to begin this journey, please contact us, or register for our next one day workshop, Inside Job, to be held September 21. This workshop has a lowered tuition to support the launching of new careers as we enter into the Fall season. If you want to discover those new job opportunities, start here!

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