Job searching is a lot like dating

Job searching is a lot like dating

Job searching is every bit as uncomfortable and frustrating as dating.  According to a new article in Time Magazine, Sept.16, 2013 issue, eHarmony and other large dating sites are beginning to apply their algorithms to job recruitment and hiring, saying that an approach that relies heavily on education and experience is actually heading in the wrong direction.  What seems to be a better predictor of satisfaction all around is “soft skills and cultural fit”.

For years now we have been teaching our clients how to better understand their own ability to stay resilient, know their intrinsic design, and be able to list their preferred culture and parameters.  While this is a complex process (for BOTH dating and hiring), the state of the hiring process is in such disrepair that it is actually a breath of fresh air to employers when a candidate comes in who is clear about what they WANT to offer, that the position is a passion of theirs, and that the cultural fit and mission of the company are also in alignment with their own.  Many employers we’ve spoken to express relief at these tenacious and clear applicants.

Our clients find a deep sense of purpose and relief in aligning their careers to their design and what they want to serve in life. We’ve said for years, and our clients agree, that most people already know what they want to do for work. They are just afraid they can’t support themselves doing it. We’ve found that once people respect their passion, and know how to research the area to find meaningful and lucrative work, the job search project becomes a job find project.

The latest statistic is that fully 70% of us are said to be dissatisfied with our jobs.  Are you one of them? We would love to help you know what is bugging you and why.  Ask yourself the following question: ” If suffering were not an option, if you couldn’t work at a job you disliked, what would life be like?”  Maybe this is the time to find out.

Lastly, researchers say that in order to change, two things must be present. The first is the belief you can change, and the second is a community of people to support you in that change. We would love to be that community for you as you step into job searching.

If you would like to read the article, please go to this link:,9171,2151168,00.html

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